Forget-me-not electronic calendar

Forget-me-not electronic calendar

Shows day and date automatically on a display when connected to the mains

Some people find it difficult to keep count of days and date and often ask “What day is it today?” This can be a big problem for old people who live alone or for persons in the early stages of dementia.

FORGET-ME-NOT is an electronic calendar where day and date are shown clearly on a display. At midnight, day and date shifts automatically.

FORGET-ME-NOT keeps count of the number of days in each month including leap years. It has no disturbing knobs.

FORGET-ME-NOT is connected to a power outlet. The text will disappear in case of power failure, but will reappear when the current is turned on.

FORGET-ME-NOT can be personalised by using own photographs, for instance of family members, or pictures suitable for the season.

FORGET-ME-NOT has been tested by a group of people who find it particularly difficult to remember days and dates. The evaluation was carried out by the Norwegian Center for Dementia Research under the EU programme "Technology, Ethics and Dementia". Many people in the group found the calendar useful.

Download the user instructions [PDF]
Download the evaluation report [PDF]

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