Night and Day electronic calendar

Night and Day electronic calendar with picture

Shows day, date and Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night, as appropriate.

Disruption of day/night rhythm can be a problem for some people with dementia. Getting up, leaving the house or making phone calls at night may lead to unrest, anxiety and even serious incidents.

NIGHT and DAY is an electronic calendar where day, date and time of the day displayed as "Morning", "Afternoon", "Evening" or "Night" shifts automatically.

The NIGHT and DAY calendar keeps count of the number of days in each month including leap years. It has no disturbing knobs.

The NIGHT and DAY calendar is connected to a power outlet. The text will disappear in case of power failure, but will reappear when the current is turned on.

The NIGHT and DAY calendar was assessed as part of the EU-funded ENABLE project and many participants found the NIGHT and DAY calendar useful.

Download user instructions [PDF]
Download summary of case descriptions [PDF]

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